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Last Update: 20/04/2024


Hi I’m Michael, a freelance Technical Sound Designer for Games and interactive media based in Munich, Germany.

Currently I help design and setup audio systems for companies such as Formosa Interactive UK, Dynamedion and a couple of lovely Indie Studios around Munich (see credits).

I love learning new things, making weird sounds using MaxMsp and programming for the fun of it.

When I’m not doing any of that I’m hanging out with my family, in the dojang practicing traditional Taekwondo or noodling around on my guitars.

If you would like to chat about all things technical game audio you can find me on discord or reach out via linkedin.


My current goals and things I’m working on.

DSP Programming

My goal for 2024, apart from being a good dad to our daughter born in February, is to learn Digital Signal Processing and dive into the deep end of audio programming.

Books I’m currently reading on the topic:


I’ve rediscovered MaxMsp as my creative sandbox and happy place. It’s also great to explore my newly gained DSP knowledge in gen~.


I want to take some time to learn zig in 2024.

Just using the build system and managing to cross-compile my first FMOD plugin for win/osx on my apple M1 was a nice experience.